I wanted to make another post this morning that gives you a little background on myself. I do not intend on using my real name on here because I intend on sharing things that many of the people I know, would not like to be associated with (personal stories etc..). I will just refer to myself as one of my nicknames I got while in the Marine Corps “Vinny”.

I joined the Marine Corps in 2008. I was 23 at the time which as most service members know that is almost grandpa status in military. My MOS was a 0621 Field radio operator. No, I was not a grunt. I was merely a radio operator POG that was attached to combat engineer platoons so, at least I did make it outside the wire (quite often actually). I deployed to Afghanistan in 2009 and returned stateside for roughly six months before ending up on manning dock for my second deployment to Afghanistan in 2010. After my second deployment I returned to Camp Lejeune where I spent the rest of my four year career doing PT, uniforms inspections, and pecker checking (watching Marines piss in a bottle for drug testing). November 2011 I got out using the 90 day early out program and moved to my wife’s hometown in Northern California. Now, I fly a desk at the local law enforcement office in a non peace officer position.

I hope to share some of my trails and tribulations when transitioning from my service mentality to being the guy talking on his cell phone, drinking a coffee from Starbucks, while walking into work. If anyone has any topics they would like me to cover I would gladly do my best. As I said before I am not a professional writer but I just try to communicate with people to the best of my ability. Thanks for reading

S/F  – Vinny

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